Transition Services

  • Coupeville School District provides a Transition Specialist to assist students in the JDC school to achieve their goals while they are in the center and after they are released. We provide many opportunities for students to succeed.

    These include:

    • Contacting teachers to meet individual needs of the student
    • Transporting student work between the JDC and the school
    • Assisting students in completing job readiness tasks: Resume, job applications, interview practice and clothing for the interview
    • Matching student needs to supplies and materials through the Readiness to Learn program
    • Contacting student guardians for assistance in meeting the student’s needs
    • Assisting students with obtaining identification: ASB card, Social Security, Washington state ID and birth certificates
    • Meeting with the student to discuss post-release assistance
    • GED prep and scheduling GED appointments
    • Job Corps information and orientation meetings
    • Work Source meetings and orientation to seek employment
    • Supporting your youth by contacting you and the student 30 days following release to offer additional assistance

    If you need help for your youth while they are residing in the center and after they are released, please contact our Transition Specialist