Student Registration

  • Required Forms for Grades K-12

    New Student Registration:
    If mail, report cards, and other information should go to two households, please fill in both the primary and second household sections.
    *  A current email address is important for school/home communications.
    *  Emergency contact information is essential.
    *  Complete front and back, and sign and date.
    New Student Registration Form

    Ethnicity and Race Data:
    Washington regulations require schools to collect and report this information. Please complete, date, and sign.
    Ethnicity and Race Data Form

    Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS):
    All students must be in compliance with immunization regulations before attending school.
    Tip: Ask if your health care provider’s office puts vaccination history into the CHILD Profile Immunization Registry (Washington’s statewide database). If they do, ask them to print the CIS from CHILD Profile and your child’s information will fill in automatically.
    Be sure to review all the information, sign and date the CIS in the upper right hand box, and return it to school. If your provider’s office does not use CHILD Profile, ask for a copy of your child’s vaccine record so you can fill it in by hand.
    Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) Form: English
    Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) Form: Spanish

    Health Information:
    This form alerts the school to any existing health condition(s).
    Health Information Form

    Home Language:
    The information gathered in this form helps communications between schools, students and parents.
    Home Language Survey: English
    Home Language Survey: Spanish

    Supplemental Enrollment (Grades 6-12 only):
    Requests information as authorized by state law. Both the student and parent/guardian must sign.
    Supplemental Enrollment (Grades 6-12 only) Form

    Computer / Internet Usage Agreement:
    Use of technology is integrated into classroom learning for most students. This form is to be reviewed and signed by both the student and parent/guardian.
    Computer / Internet Usage Agreement Form

    Request for Transfer to Nonresident District (CHOICE):
    A Choice Transfer request must be completed for each child, each year.  Please use the link above to access either the online portal or the paper form.  Please contact your resident district for similar forms to transfer into Coupeville.  No form is required if you plan for private school education for your child. 
    Transfer to Nonresident District (CHOICE) Form

    Student Housing:
    This information is confidential and is only shared with administration staff and the district Homeless Liaison who may contact you to provide support and services.
    Student Housing Questionnaire Form