Public Records

  • As a public agency, the district makes available – through this Website and upon request – documents, maps, policies, board minutes and resolutions, correspondence, and all other documents identified as public records. Board policy 4040–Public Access to District Records and procedure 4040–P describe the district’s commitment to providing full access to information concerning the administration and operations of the district.

    All meetings of the Board of Directors and of district committees are open to the public. Each board meeting includes 15 minutes for public comment, as well as opportunity to comment on old or new business under discussion. The board does not allow public airing of complaints regarding district employees and/or personnel issues.

    Response to Requests

    Within five business days of receiving a public records request, we will respond in one of the following ways:

    • Provide the records
    • Provide a reasonable estimate of the time necessary to respond to the request
    • Contact the requestor to clarify the request
    • Deny the request and cite why it was denied

    If the record requested contains information exempt from disclosure, the district will produce as much of the record as possible with the exempt portions redacted and include a written explanation of the redaction.