JDC Education Program

  • Our educational program offers a 220-day school calendar, Monday through Friday. Students receive individualized education plans addressing their needs and the expectations of their school of origin.

    We offer:

    • The opportunity to catch up and keep up in their resident school coursework
    • Daily fitness classes
    • Life skills classes (self-care, nutrition / cooking, cleaning, money management)
    • Whidbey General Hospital Smoking Cessation
    • Job skills (resume, application, dress for success)
    • Food handler’s class and testing
    • Community service projects

    Students leaving our facility meet with our Transition Specialist to coordinate assignments and tasks for a smooth return to school.

    We also:

    1. Coordinate additional school supply needs with support from Readiness to Learn.
    2. Follow up on students 30 days after release for additional support.
    3. Communicate with probation and other agencies to assist with re-engaging youth into their school and community.