Bus Routes


Standard Notifications

  • *Schools closed - Schools are closed for one day; no before or after-school activities. Year-round employees report to work.

    Two hours late - Schools open two hours later than normal; students are dismissed at the regular time. No preschool. All employees report to work.

    Limited bus transportation - Students are picked up and returned only to emergency stops; schedules may be affected by weather conditions. Parents must transport their child to the closest alternate bus stop or to school.

    Early dismissal - Students are transported to their regular or emergency bus stop earlier than normal dismissal. Each family should have a plan covering what to do when children arrive home early.

Emergency Transportation Routes

  • Emergency Transportation Routes:

    Emergency transportation routes are used when road and/or weather conditions make it unsafe to use regular routes. Conditions in Greenbank, Coupeville, and other district areas may differ significantly; the district will choose the safest option for the most hazardous conditions.

    The district communicates changes to school schedules or bus routes by:
    * emergency phone/email notifications to all families and staff,
    * a public service announcement on television and radio stations,
    * the school district Website home page, 
    Facebook posts.


  • We pride ourselves on providing timely and pertinent communication to our families regarding transportation. Over the recent months, we have made many enhancements to our transportation department to keep our families in the know. We have outlined the following modes of communication you can expect from our transportation team.

    1. Text Messages - In the event we need to notify you of a delay, this method may be used.
    2. Email - If we need to explain a situation in more detail, this is the preferred method.
    3. Mobile App - If there are any immediate updates to routes you may receive an email or text from our transportation software.
    4. Social Media - We are currently working on putting this in place and once available it will have updates as needed.
    5. Phone Calls - This method may be used when other methods have been unsuccessful.

Bus Delays

  • We have an amazing transportation team. Yet sometimes our buses are delayed for a variety of reasons. When there is a short delay of 15 minutes or more, we will communicate directly with you via a text message from a department member or transportation software. It’s important to make sure that your Skyward Family Access account is updated with the correct information or contact the school directly.

Student Bus Passes

  • Bus passes are required for students who wish to depart the bus at a different authorized stop or ride to a different bus to or from school. Passes for riding a bus other than a student’s regular bus are issued on a space available basis. Therefore, there is no guarantee that a pass will be approved. School Attendance Secretaries will authorize day to day bus passes. The procedure to obtain a bus pass requires a parent note. The school’s office will process the request and issue a Temporary Bus Pass. Long term passses will be authorized through the Transportation Department Dispatcher.

Preschool/Kindergarten/1st Grade Students

  • The standard Coupeville School District Transportation procedure is that Preschool/Kindergarten/1st Grade students being transported by bus have a responsible person to receive them at their bus stop. If the parents/guardian believe the child is capable of attending to his/her own needs and may be dropped off without a responsible person in attendance, the District then requires that information to be in writing from the parents/guardian via an opt out form provided by the School Transportation Department.

Parents Riding the Bus

  • Only students and staff of the Coupeville School District are allowed to ride the school bus. However, parents of Coupeville School District students may occasionally be given permission to ride the bus to/from school if they are assisting in a classroom. Permission must be pre-approved through the Transportation Department. The transportation department will issue a bus pass to the parent. To ride the bus for any other reason, approval must come from the Transportation Supervisor.

Parent Communication with Bus Driver

  • Due to safety reasons and time challenges, boarding and stopping a school bus to talk to the bus driver or a student is prohibited. It is best to contact the bus driver through the Transportation Department. This will ensure that the driver has adequate time to discuss your needs and concerns. Clarification of the rules and procedures should be directed to the Transportation Supervisor.