• Students attending Coupeville Schools who meet the district eligibility requirement for bus transportation may ride on the buses to and from school. Students participating in extracurricular activities away from the district are required to ride on a school district bus, unless permission has been granted by the principal or his/her designee. School bus privileges are contingent upon the student following the rules for riding the bus.


  • Students riding on school district buses are expected to follow established rules for safe transportation. Failure to comply will result in short or long term suspension of bus privileges.


    • Walk on the left-hand side of the road facing oncoming traffic.
    • Arrive at the bus stop approximately 10 minutes before the bus is due to arrive. Drivers will not wait for students. 
    • Students may not bring onto the bus possessions that might cause injury to another, such as sticks. 
    • Breakable containers, animals, oversize parcels, or weapons of any kind. 
    • Form a line with other students a safe distance away from the road while waiting. 
    • Wait for a signal from the bus driver before crossing the street; always cross in front of the bus. • Board the bus at the assigned stop unless a bus pass has been issued. 
    • Students must not run up to, beside or behind the bus if they are late. Only approach a bus if eye contact has been made with the driver and the driver signals that it is OK to approach. 
    • Demonstrate safe and courteous behavior while waiting. 

    Parents/guardians should arrange to drive their child to school if the student misses the bus. It is dangerous to attempt to catch and/or pass a school bus.


    • Walk on the left-hand side of the road facing oncoming traffic. 
    • Wait for a signal from the bus driver before crossing the street; always cross in front of the bus.
    • Leave the bus at the assigned stop unless a bus pass has been issued. 
    • From the bus, go straight to the place your parents expect you to go.


    • Students must obey the driver promptly and willingly, and not distract the driver by misbehaving. 
    • Students must ride their regularly assigned bus and get off at their regular stop unless they have a bus pass issued by the school office. A written request from the student’s parent/guardian is required to obtain a bus pass; the request should identify at which stop the student is to leave the bus. A pass will not be issued if the request would require the student to cross the highway. 
    • Students are expected to demonstrate responsible behavior. 
    • Bus safety requires that students remain in their seats until it is time to exit. 
    • Students must keep their papers, personal items, and refuse in their possession, preferably in their lap or in a bag under their seat. Items should be easy to carry and may not extend into the aisle. Band instruments may be placed on the floor and held between the knees if too large to fit on the lap. 
    • Buses are considered part of our school campus. All school rules apply. 
    • Students may not light matches, or ignite lighters. 
    • Windows are to remain closed unless a student has permission from the driver to open a window. No window may be opened more than two notches. 
    • Students must keep hands, arms, and head inside the bus, whether it is moving or stationary. 
    • Students are welcome to greet the bus driver on entering, but should not talk to the driver more than is necessary. Students may not sit in the driver’s seat, or stand or sit next to the driver. 
    • Students may not chew gum on the bus. 
    • Personal iPod/MP-3 players may be used with headphones when riding to or from school. 
    • Skateboards are not allowed on the bus. 
    • Students must follow emergency exit procedures if asked to do so by the driver, or if the situation warrants an emergency exit.


  •  Same rules apply as noted above, except: 

    • Non-hazardous athletic or other gear may be safely stowed in empty seats or beneath the bus, at the discretion of the driver. 
    • Personal iPod/MP-3 players may be used with headphones if the advisor, coach, or teacher grants permission. 
    • The bus driver must be on the bus before students board. 
    • Food is allowed on the bus, as are beverages in non-breakable, re-sealable containers; students are expected to take their trash with them when they exit the bus. 
    • With driver permission, a student may use a flashlight to work on homework during the ride. 
    • Flash cameras may not be used on the bus. 
    • Students using district transportation to get to the destination are expected to use district transportation to return to school, unless the student's parent/guardian has given written permission prior to the trip for the student to leave the destination with another individual. The coach or advisor and the bus driver must be notified prior to leaving school that the student will not be riding the bus back to school, and the person transporting the student must confirm with the coach or advisor at the event that they are taking the student.