About Us

  • Our school nurses are on duty in our schools daily, serving more than 900 students. Parents may contact their child’s school to locate the nurse. 

    Since the health status of your student is one of our highest concerns, it is important to communicate any health issues or concerns with the school nurse as they arise.  

    In the event of a student health emergency, the parents or guardians will be called immediately. It is strongly advised that parents or guardians update their emergency contact information several times during the school year.
    Individual Health Plans:
    School nurses are integral members of the education team, playing a key role in promoting health and helping students to improve learning readiness by working with staff, students and their families.  Our school nurses develop Emergency Care Plans for students with diabetes, seizures, and life threatening allergies. They also develop Individual Care Plans for other health conditions and medically fragile students. Please contact your campus nurse to get started on your student's health plan so that we can keep our records up to date and accurate.

    In the event of a serious student injury or illness at school, we initiate the following:

    1. The primary home phone number is called.
    2. If no response, the parents' work numbers are called.
    3. If no response, the emergency contact is called.
    4. If no response, the child may be transported by ambulance to the hospital.